About Us

Bengal House was founded by a mind, exuberating with designs for home furnishing fabrics and trims. From the beginning, our fabrics & trims has had a tremendous success with interior designers and their design needs.

Damasks, Jacquards, Taffeta Stripes, Plaids, Velvets & Chenille all in silk and silk blend is our specialty. We have a wide variety of traditional and modern designs. Silk & Viscose trims add an elegant accent to our fabrics. We can provide custom trimmings as per your requirements.

With the advent of technology in our mills these designs have been successfully produced into an exclusive collection of textiles for home décor. Custom coloring of our SKUs as per clients' needs and custom designing is often our clients' requests and we have been able to successfully accommodate them.

Our Fabrics have been widely used for prestigious hospitality industry as well as Hollywood and Broadway productions. With headquarters in New York at 202 East 59th Street, Bengal House is represented by renowned showrooms in nine design centers in United States and Vancouver.

The Products are very competitively priced and the turnaround time for custom orders and reproduction is unbeatable. We take pride in our products & the service offered. The fabrics and trims are available through interior designers and architects only.